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Top Programming Languages for Web Development in 2018

April 02, 2018

Top Programming Languages for Web Development in 2018

If you are interested in different programming languages and want to figure out which one is the best to use for your new website in 2018, then this post will give you a comprehensive information. The rank of top programming languages changes, because demands are changing each year. Taking into account several criteria and statistics, we made a list of top 5 programming languages for web development in 2018.



C# is one of the king programming languages of 2018. For web development .NET framework is the best to create a quality and multifunctional website. C# was always in competition with Java, because it is a great language. C# has many benefits and it can be used in every single platform. You can develop iOS and Android apps as well as Linux apps and Mac apps by using C#. Furthermore, you can work on any platform including Arduino and other embedded systems and Raspberry Pi. Currently, Dixon Walther is developing portable web applications by using ASP.NET Core. For mobile development you can use C# with Xamarin. C# can become a cross-platform if it comes with specific frameworks. C# is super versatile and a corporate language. Thanks to Microsoft Shops C# is also not so rigorously compared with Java. Here are the top functionalities of C# language:


  • Object-Oriented
  • Secure
  • Cross-Platform
  • Easy to Development
  • Platform-Independent
  • Multithreaded


JavaScript is very perspective language. Stack overflow survey is very large and JavaScript was the most popular programming language during past years and almost 65% of people were using it. JavaScript has many interesting frameworks, like Node.js, React.js, Angular.js, etc. Pure JavaScript is also good for web development. But on the other hand, it’s not a language that is going to be used exclusively. You should use other programming languages to create a really great website. A new JavaScript version ECMAScript has many improved features. JavaScript is definitely one of the top programming languages of 2018. Below you will find its key benefits:


  • Speed
  • Simplicity
  • Extended Functionality
  • Versatility



Python is shown up on a few surveys and it will have very high demand in 2018. The prediction is that almost 42% of people will use Python for web development. Lot of companies and teams will be migrating to Python. It is becoming quite popular language. For example, when you look on Amazon or the most popular programming books, most of them are about Python. It means that Python is going to have a high demand. It also has high adoption and movement in web development. Furthermore, Python is a great language for machine learning development which is becoming extremely popular in 2018. Python is particularly convenient to make sites that include Machine Learning functionalities. By the ways, did you know that Google uses Python. Here are major benefits of Python language:


  • Object-Oriented
  • Free and Open-Source
  • Interpreted
  • Portable
  • IoT opportunities



Java is one of the top programming languages used in web development and it is one of the most demanding languages. It has multithreading capability which allows to perform several tasks simultaneously within one program. Java compilers are able to detect many problems that would be detected only during execution in case of other languages. Java is very secure and distributed language. When you write network programs in Java, it looks like sending to a file and receiving from a file. Java is also object-oriented and platform-independent just like C#. Below are the highlights of Java language:


  • Object-Oriented
  • Platform-Independent
  • Distributed
  • Secure
  • Multithreaded



PHP will be one of the top programming languages for web development in 2018. The reason for it is because it is used everywhere and WordPress is writing almost 90% on the web. Companies like Facebook and Twitter started from PHP language. It is a cross-platform and enables operations with various operation systems such as LINUX, UNIX and Windows. Furthermore, it can interface with Apache/MySQL. PHP can be easily embedded into HTML. It helps to easily convert an existing static website into a new dynamic website. Furthermore, PHP also has multiple extensions and is very scalable. Below you can find PHP language quick summary:


  • Open Source
  • Cross-Platform
  • Embedding
  • Extensions
  • Flexible




In this post we have tried to discuss the top five programming languages for web development that you may wish to use in 2018. The competition between different programming languages works efficient due to improvement of functionalities and features of languages. Therefore, the rankings of programming languages are also changing based on popularity and demand for that particular year. You may follow our tips to make the best decision on what language to use for your next website.

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