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Top Key Features of Every Good Modern Business Website

August 10, 2017

Top Key Features of Every Good Modern Business Website

If you have a business, then you must have a website if you are planning to be successful. Nowadays people expect to find businesses online and not only is it necessary to have a website, it is also important to have essential features on your website in order to keep up with your competitors. Here are the top features you need on your business website:


  1. Responsive Design

First important feature that you must consider is having a mobile version of your website, because websites are required to work on devices of all sizes. Responsive design means that the layout of a website automatically adapts to the screen dimensions. Your website will work across all devices automatically and no platform specific versions needs to be developed. Moreover, the website must work on a broad spectrum of devices and browsers.


  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You must know that the majority of visitors to a website come via search engines and mostly via Google. With search engine optimization (SEO), you can get free search engine visibility. How does it work? Special keywords, headings and texts should describe the company using the most common terms, so that when somebody enters these terms in a search engine, the website has a chance of being in the results.


  1. Visitor Analytics

If you have business, then one of your website’s goal would be to increase visibility among potential customers. If you want to know how many potential customers visited, then you obviously need to have statistics and analytics. All visits into a website will be recorded by the expected results (ROI) and results should be evaluated from visitor statistics. You should be able to download the outcome as a PDF or Excel file.


  1. Social Media integration

Your website needs to share content articles, videos or photos and you must enhance those visibilities via social media channels. You can push out your contents to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and other similar services. Visibility sparks interest to visit the website. While users visit your website, promote sharing to social networks. You can also have map services and directory services in your website. Additionally, you can get a RSS feed and an e-mail subscription option.


  1. Easy to update

Of course, being stylishness is an important part of the visitor impression, but content in most important and it should be correct. Wrong information (price, address, and opening hours) on a website will make people angry and create distrust. The more contents, the bigger the likelihood to be seen on somebody’s search engine results page.


  1. Fresh Content

Without content, your website is nothing. Your website needs to be filled with information that people will find helpful so that they will convert into your customers. In future, if you plan to have a content writer for your website, you must give all necessary details about your site and what exactly you want on the pages. Your webpages should be easy to read/understand and make sure that your webpages are long enough, which is at least 500-700 words. One little secret, that Google favors pages with longer.


  1. Affordable to improve

The last but not the least. If future, there will be always something to improve. Therefore, development must be affordable, otherwise it will be infeasible to update the website to the standards of each upcoming year. You need to keep in mind, that the most costly things that can happen in relation to software is related to vendor lock-in. Make sure you legally actually own your contents. Save documents in an open standards format and not in proprietary formats that are not future-proof. Prefer systems that are open source and avoid being a hostage of closed source software.

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