Dixon Walther is the niche 360° Technology partner for businesses and corporate organizations. Through face-to-face, hybrid and digital experiences, we help companies and organizations to strategically engage in business by leveraging the latest innovations in technology. This effectively activates the target audience by building dedicated online communities needed to strengthen brands and boost performance.

We facilitate dialogue and strategic thinking in collaboration with our clients, and work together across practice areas and disciplines to craft solutions that offer our clients the much needed competitive edge.

We have observed that established business rules are constantly being redefined. New business models are emerging; small companies are quickly growing into billion dollar multinationals, aggressively attacking established corporations. A wave of mergers, acquisitions and buy-outs are quickly changing the business landscape.

IT is playing a major role in all of this, be it through controlling production processes or supply chains or by creating real-time links between enterprises and financial markets, thus virtually eliminating arbitrage opportunities by closing the time gaps of trading around the globe. The virtual enterprise is the cornerstone of this ongoing development. Entirely new products and services are being created with the support of modern IT.

At Dixon Walther, we build applications and integration platforms that create cross-organizational synergies and enhance business initiatives. We build technical platforms and back-end systems for new application development based on a solid Enterprise Software Oriented Architectural approach that is the heart of our IT strategy.

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